Friday, August 9, 2013

Colby - four months old

August 1, 2013

Weight: 16 lbs and 68th %
Height: 26 inches and 85th %

Our sweet boy had a growth spurt in length! He didn't grow as much as I thought he would in weight but he's still our lil "chub". 

Colby bear,
At four months you just started rice cereal oatmeal. You loved it and started kicking and gurgling for more. You gobbled up the whole bowl! 
You're better with tummy time now but only for a few minutes. You much prefer to sit up and you can stay sitting with support. 
You're a drool monster! I'm thinking those teeth are going to pop up any day now with the amount of drooling and biting you're doing. 
You are a solid nighttime sleeper (mommy and daddy are grateful!) we put you down to sleep and you find your thumb and are fast asleep in minutes! We don't hear from you until morning.  Let's hope this keeps up. 
Napping is a different story .... it is still not your favorite thing. You fight going to sleep and will have a couple of great napping days followed by a very long no-nap day. 
We are having fun, busy summer days. I love spending all day with you boys and you keep me happily exhausted!
You're favorite activities right now are sucking on anything, your bouncer, watching your big brother and your puppy dog and pushing off with your feet. 
Your baby hair is falling out with new sprouts of lighter (ginger!) hair coming in. I love that!
You nurse 4-5 times a day with a bottle at bedtime and now cereal in mid morning. 
You are a very laid back baby but have no patience. You're either happy or screaming - no in between!

We love you so much my precious boy!

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Colby - three months old

We don't have a three month check up, but I'm guessing C2 is around 17-18 lbs. we will see in a couple of weeks!

For my mommy records:
We 'aim' for this schedule right now.

7-8 C1 wakes up depending on day
7:30 C2 wakes up to nurse
9 ish C2 morning nap; eats when he wakes up about 5 oz bottle
C1 is in full swing playing or going to school
11:30/12 lunch time
1 C2 eats about 5 oz
1:30 nap time for all (this doesn't always work!)
4 C2 eats
5 ish C2 catnap
6:30 Dinner time
7:30 C2 eats and has a bath
8 C1 has a bath and story time before bed (usually all with daddy!)

Colby bear,
You're such an easy baby. You are definitely a "second child" that just goes with the flow! You're very patient in every way, except when it comes time to eat. When you're hungry you let is know! You love watching you're big brother run around like a mad man. You smile and giggle and copy facial expressions and mouth movements. You're starting to try grab toys and you love music. You're not caring too much about your paci right now. You have discovered your thumb and seem to prefer sucking on it.
You're an international traveler at 3 month 1 week old. You've been on five airplanes so far!
You've been to visit all your cousins in SA and meet your Gigi. She adores you.
You HATE tummy time, which is a small issue, but we will figure it out!
You often remind us of your Papa Mac in Heaven. There are times when you look just like him. Boy he would adore you ad your big bro! He's your guardian angel now and watches over you.

Keep growing sweet, happy boy! I just can't get enough of you.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Colby - two months old

June 1, 2013

Colbs weighed 13 lbs 14 oz at his 2 month appointment. WOW. This boy is growing and healthy!

I'm happy to say he outgrew his grumpy / fussiness that we enduring during month one.

For my mommy records:
He nurses every 3 hours with a 'dream feed' at 11 pm. He wakes between 5 and 6 a.m. but goes right back to sleep after nursing. I'm pretty sure this counts as sleeping through the night?! This started around 6 weeks.

What he loves: still lovin his wubanub Paci's. We have now the collection, including the elephant and frog.

He loves watching his big brother, who's quite the busy bee these days.

He got a passport and at 2 months and 1 week old went on his first International flight!

Colby bear,
You're giving us the BEST smiles and gurgling sounds right now. You smile with your whole face. It lights up the room and melts my heart! We are much more in sync and getting in a routine with eating and sleeping. (Just in time to leave for overseas!) You love watching your big brother and smile every time he talks. He loves giving you random kisses and rocks you if you start to cry.
We love you little man!

Monday, April 29, 2013

Four weeks old

Our baby boy is four weeks old today! I can't believe a month has flown by already. In some ways, it feels like Colby has always been in our family. He's just fit right in.

11.5 lbs
21.5 inches

Nicknames we use: C2, lil C, chubbster and squishy face.

Colby is g.r.u.m.p.y!! I should have known, based on how he was in my tummy!!

He's content when he's fed, clean and asleep. Otherwise he is making this grunting fussing noise. He can be difficult to calm down and gets mad easily. This lil man also fights going to sleep!

He has started to make cooing noises and looks for voices. He's given us a couple of grins, so I know he won't stay grumpy for ever!

What he loves: his brother talking or singing to him!

His favorite toy: giraffe wubanub paci.

Eating: nurses 7 times a day and once at night. Took a bottle once a day at 3 weeks.

Colby bear,

You have been such a blessing to our family. You've slotted right in like we've always had you. You're big brother is obsessed with you and loves to hold you.

I love that your personality has started to show through already. I love being out and about with my two boys and it warms my heart to look back and see you both in the back seat. You remind me so much of your Papa and i think you look like your mommy in baby pics. I love that!

Even though we are tired, I know that this doesn't last forever. I'm making the most of our newborn weeks and love cuddling you, even at 4 am.

You are so special sweet boy!

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Back to Blogging

Getting back into the blog now with baby boy 2 arriving soon!

Monday, January 2, 2012


I want to remember all the words Connor is saying right now
(almost 14 months)

Da doo or ta too = thank you
Hi = hi and bye (with a wave of course)
Eeez = cheese
Doug = Dog
Out = out (usually accompanied by a hand motion and pointer finger)
mama = mama (used very sparingly and usually only in times of desperation!)
Dada = dada (first thing he says in the morning when he wakes up, says dada constantly!)
Nana = nana
na / nuh = no
shhhh = shhh (and puts his finger to his mouth / cheek) doesnt count as a word, but still...
ma = mas / more
uh oh = when something drops
eye = sometimes will point to his face if you ask where his eyes (or ojos) are.

JUST started saying 'ayos' for adios, but not very consistently.

my goodness, i could just squeeze this little man.
(ok ok, i squeeze him all the time)

Christmas 2011

We had such a fun Christmas with Connor.

He started walking on Christmas Eve! He'd been 'cruising', but this was the first time for him to walk straight across the room. He woke up the next morning and panicked a little when he first stood up - almost as if he couldn't decided if he could still crawl or not. A little over a week later and he's walking more than crawling now. He's off! (and we're exhausted!)

We woke up Christmas morning and Santa had visited! He brought some fun bath toys and a 'front door' toy with a door bell, mail box and light with a light switch!

It didnt take him long to figure out how to open presents. He liked the paper, but he actually looked at what was inside! He got really excited of some of them and would pull them out and start playing with them. It was such fun to watch.

Nana reading 'Twas the night before Christmas... we had to try not to laugh - Connor kept trying to close the book, he wasnt that into the story! maybe next year :)

We hope you had a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!