Friday, August 9, 2013

Colby - four months old

August 1, 2013

Weight: 16 lbs and 68th %
Height: 26 inches and 85th %

Our sweet boy had a growth spurt in length! He didn't grow as much as I thought he would in weight but he's still our lil "chub". 

Colby bear,
At four months you just started rice cereal oatmeal. You loved it and started kicking and gurgling for more. You gobbled up the whole bowl! 
You're better with tummy time now but only for a few minutes. You much prefer to sit up and you can stay sitting with support. 
You're a drool monster! I'm thinking those teeth are going to pop up any day now with the amount of drooling and biting you're doing. 
You are a solid nighttime sleeper (mommy and daddy are grateful!) we put you down to sleep and you find your thumb and are fast asleep in minutes! We don't hear from you until morning.  Let's hope this keeps up. 
Napping is a different story .... it is still not your favorite thing. You fight going to sleep and will have a couple of great napping days followed by a very long no-nap day. 
We are having fun, busy summer days. I love spending all day with you boys and you keep me happily exhausted!
You're favorite activities right now are sucking on anything, your bouncer, watching your big brother and your puppy dog and pushing off with your feet. 
Your baby hair is falling out with new sprouts of lighter (ginger!) hair coming in. I love that!
You nurse 4-5 times a day with a bottle at bedtime and now cereal in mid morning. 
You are a very laid back baby but have no patience. You're either happy or screaming - no in between!

We love you so much my precious boy!

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